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Website Services CompanyA website from Market Taffy not only adds legitimacy to your business or brand, it also keeps you well ahead of your competition. The latest U.S. Census data shows that more than 72% of American businesses do not currently have a website. Far from being just an obscure piece of data, this statistic illustrates just how valuable having a website can be. There are over 1 trillion searches on Google alone each day, and if it’s your business showing up for a particular inquiry, it can immediately add 5, 6, or even 7 figures in revenue to your bottom line.

The numbers don’t lie. Recent market research has found that 97% of U.S. consumers use online media to find out more information about the products and services they want to buy. In addition, 87% of all website browsers make a purchase either through the web, or as a result of visiting a website.

 Full Service Websites Built To Fit Your Needs…And Your Budget

If you’ve been putting off building or upgrading your website because of worries about cost, your lack of technical skills, or the amount of personal time involved – it’s time to talk to Market Taffy. As a professional website company, we have the expert team and resources required to quickly and cost-effectively build you a high quality site that brings more visibility to your company or brand. Call us today, and in just a few short weeks you’ll have a beautiful new site that includes:

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementCompelling Web Copy: The most beautiful site in the world means little if your content is poorly written or incomplete. Market Taffy is a full services firm, and our expert team of website copywriters can create compelling content that makes it impossible for visitors not to click, call, or buy.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementBest-In-Class SEO: Each page of your website will be specifically optimized for high ranking keywords that help your business or brand rank first in Google. Using these same methods on our own site, Market Taffy was able to rank in the top 3 for numerous Google crowdfunding searches, including in the competitive domain of “crowdfunding campaign management.” And if you need help researching the best keywords for your business, let our market research agency handle the dirty work for you.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementCross-Browser Capability: Your website will look good and retain consistent functionality across all major web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementDynamic Web Pages: Ever been on a web page, and wanted to reduce the window size so that you can have an additional document or window up at the same time? Most traditional websites make this process a huge pain, because they don’t automatically adjust to the window size. This results in pages being cut off, and the user throwing up their hands in frustration as they struggle to get the information they need. Market Taffy’s website solutions give you dynamic web pages that adjust to window size – completely eliminating this problem and keeping your visitors happy.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementProfessional Sliders: Market Taffy’s powerful web design solutions make it easy to distinguish your website from the masses through the addition of a professional slider. This instantly adds an interactive element to your site, and keeps your visitors engaged.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementBeautiful Portfolio Pages: Whether your business is seeking to display case studies, white papers, work samples, pictures, testimonials, or any other element, Market Taffy’s website services provide you with jaw-dropping display options for presenting your marketing collateral.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementNumerous “Call To Action” Options: When people come to your site, you almost always want them to take some sort of action. Whether this means signing up for your email list, downloading a marketing piece, calling one of your sales representatives, making a purchase, or socially sharing a piece of viral content – Market Taffy’s tools and capabilities make it easy to engage your visitors.

World Class Websites Made In The USA

There are a variety of web development firms on the market, but few can provide the quality and value of Market Taffy. We make your website in-house, in the USA, and will never outsource your project to another company or country. If you have a question, or want a project update, just call us on our direct line and we’ll answer it. You never have to worry about drastic time zone differences, the communications challenges that can occur when working with a programmer in a distant country, or feeling like you’re not in control of your project.

Stop losing business because of a non-existent or poorly made website. Market Taffy can give you a professional, beautiful and easy-to-navigate website in as little as two weeks. Our costs are extremely competitive, and our website services company will custom-tailor any package to suit the specific requirements and needs of your project.

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