Creating an Online Sales Funnel
That Automates Your Profits

The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses find, market to, and sell to prospective customers. While just a decade ago the web was considered a supplemental component of an overall business development strategy, today it is essential…

Businesses Just like Yours are Making
Millions of Dollars Using These Strategies
Of course, generating leads, effectively communicating with prospects, and turning them into your customers isn’t automatic.  If it was, everyone would be doing it, and there would be a lot more million dollar organizations out there. What your business needs is an optimized online sales funnel.  You need to know exactly where leads are coming from, how you’re marketing to them, and what actions they need to take to buy.  You also need to have it set up so that you can track customer activity, increase conversions, and provide post-sales support.
Market Taffy Helps You Plan, Implement
and Profit from Your Online Sales Funnel 
The first step for many of our clients is a mind map, where we look at your entire online business process, and lay out your plan of action. Next, we’ll help you to actually set up each component of your sales funnel, from lead generation options to email marketing campaigns, and everything in between. Finally, we help you to monitor your results.  We’ll help you to track customer engagement, improve conversions, and continue to expand your business.

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