Market Taffy Legal Services

Every Business Needs

a Good Lawyer

Yet, we know…

Nobody wakes up in the morning excited to speak to their attorney.

But the truth is, getting good online legal advice can be invaluable to your business.

Whether you need to:

  • Form a Corporation
  • Create or Amend an Operating Agreement
  • Draft an Exceptional Licensing Agreement
  • Write a Privacy Policy that Protects Your Business
  • Perform Due Diligence on an Investment Opportunity
  • Review an Important Contract
  • Discuss the Legal Implications of an Important Business Decision
  • Or something different altogether…

The Online Legal Advice You Need

Is Just A Mouse Click Away


Market Taffy has an in-house, fully licensed attorney specializing in contract and business law.  He formerly spent time in the legal department of a Fortune 500 company, now he works full time helping our clients protect and grow their companies.

To discuss your current legal needs, send our attorney a message today.