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Market Taffy's thorough market research process provides accurate qualitative data to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to gain full-visibility into a specific industry. Anchored by two Fortune 500 marketing vets with a combined 20 years of experience, our market research agency provides you with:

secondary market researchThe essential information required for determining the viability of a new business venture, branding concept, marketing angle, or product launch.

media researchA detailed competitive analysis of the researched industry, including coverage of their specific strengths and weaknesses, and pricing models, market share, and marketing methods.

market research processHistorical analysis of the industry or market being researched, and utilization of secondary market research assets to identify emerging trends and opportunities that you can capitalize on. 

market segments explainedBifurcation of different market segments as well as comprehensive reporting of market demographics and characteristics.

Market Taffy research agencyCase studies of specific industries, similar businesses, organizations, or individuals who are successfully meeting objectives similar to those you are targeting.

Best market research agencyDetailed presentation of all findings and objective recommendations on next steps to give you measurable market research results.

Why Choose Our Market Research Agency?

Thoroughness Of Market Research

All Market Taffy research is performed by Cameron Weiss and Stefan Paul Georgi…

Cameron Weiss is a licensed attorney and marketing expert who specializes in highly detailed qualitative research. He has performed extensive research throughout his career as an attorney and also across other various industries. Highlights include working in Business Development for Qualcomm, a Fortune 200 Company, where he assisted in researching and assessing the viability of entering into new technology-related product markets.

Stefan Paul Georgi is a branding and marketing expert who specializes in the analysis of consumer demographics. He has established a reputation for implementing a unique approach to the market research process through the coupling of traditional methodology with social media based consumer analysis. Stefan has spent time assisting with marketing efforts for Dannon, Nissan, RJ Reynolds, Science Diet, and 3PD.

Dedicated One-On-One Service

Because Market Taffy is a boutique firm, our market research agency is able to provide clients with an exceptionally high level of personalized and attentive service. You’ll be on a first name basis with the two marketing experts who are specifically performing your research, and you’ll have direct access to them via phone, Skype, and email. Our smaller size also means that we’re able to provide you with greater consistency and faster turnaround times than our competitors. Most of the larger firms will assign your research to numerous associates, causing delays during research and results a fragmented final product. Choosing Market Taffy means having to deal with fewer moving parts, which simplifies the market research process.

Big Agency Quality, Boutique Firm Pricing

Big research firms have tremendous overhead costs such as payroll, HR departments, marketing expenses, etc. Market Taffy doesn’t. By staying small we are able to keep our prices low while still delivering extraordinary value to our clients. Additionally in your research package you will receive legal analysis of feasibility, regulatory environments, and barriers to entry from a licensed attorney at no extra cost.

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