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Crowdfunding Campaign Management To Get Your Funding Goals Met…


Manage Crowdfunding CampaignOne of the most exciting developments on the Internet today is the emergence of Crowdfunding. Popular websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are making it easier than ever for people to get their projects the attention and funding they deserve. To date, over half a billion dollars have been given to entrepreneurs, artists, and advocates of social change. Whether you’re looking to raise $1,000, or $50,000, crowdfunding is a revolutionary new model that makes it possible.

Unfortunately, however, crowdfunding doesn't work like magic. While there is tremendous opportunity on these websites, there are also plenty of campaigns that get entirely ignored. And as Crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity, you can bet that the competition for each dollar of funding is going to become increasingly stiff.

Market Taffy Can Help Manage Your Crowdfunding Campaign.

Market Taffy employs a team of dedicated experts who understand exactly what makes crowdfunding campaigns successful. We understand the environment –and we’ve helped clients to reach their goals. We offer the following crowdfunding services:

Free Consultation

The first step is to contact us regarding your specific crowdfunding project. We’ll get a feel for what your fundraising goals are, and we’ll do research to choose which of the over 33 major crowdfunding websites will be perfect for your specific project. To read our free Market Research Report on Crowdfunding, click here.

Campaign Setup

Next, we’ll actually set up your campaign for you on the Crowdfunding platform that’s been determined to yield the highest chances of success. We'll work with you to create a series of highly compelling perks that are appropriate for your specific project, and targeted towards the wants and desires of potential funders. If you need help creating your campaign video, or producing additional collateral, we can assist you with this as well. And we'll consult with you to ensure that you're prepared to leverage your personal networks in a way that leads to immediate donations from Day One.

Campaign Management

Then, we’ll actively manager your campaign for you by providing you with a custom tailored package of the following services:


Crowdfunding Campaign ManagementCreate a social media plan that utilizes viral tactics on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help increase traffic to your Crowdfunding page.

Crowdfunding Campaign ManagerHave our team or copywriting experts craft compelling copy for your crowdfunding page, creating a compelling back-story about your project that greatly increases the amount of dollars you can expect to gain.

Hire Crowdfunding Campaign ManagerWrite comprehensive and persuasive copy for your website and social media pages, promoting your campaign. We can also create a website for you.

Market Taffy crowdfunding campaign Acitively post call-to-action oriented social media updates on all of your accounts. These include campaign updates, valued-content, and other marketing pieces such as photos and videos.

Market Taffy for CrowdfundingIf you have an advertising budget, we can also assist you in setting up and running social media advertisement campaigns.

Hire Crowdfunding HelpWe’ll also create press releases on your behalf, helping you to garner media attention for your specific campaign. This is a tremendous asset as tetting your story picked up is one of the fastest ways you can ensure you're funding goals are met.

Get Help With Crowdfunding CampaignActively run an email marketing campaign that targets people in your personal network and creating compelling messaging that gets them to donate.

Make Your Dream a Reality

There are millions of dollars being given to projects just like yours each and every day. If you’ve held off on pursuing your dreams because of financial challenges, you don’t have to any longer. We’re here to help, but you have to take the first step by letting us know exactly what you’re project is about, and what your funding goals are.


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