Why Branding Matters: Fuel For The Fire Of Success

By Emily Dobrenchuk – Market Taffy Copywriter

What Is Branding?What Is Branding?

No longer can a business thrive, or even just get by, with only a clever title and catchy product descriptions. If you look at the business plan of any successful company—local dog grooming salon to national electronics merchant—what they all have in common is consistent, effective branding. In a world where there are 30 kinds of soda on the grocery store shelf, branding is the most important differentiator that makes people buy one bubbly beverage over another. The same is true of every product category in every market, and if your brand isn’t standing out, it’s blending in.

The Branding Definition

“Branding” refers to the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, design, slogan, et cetera that identifies and differentiates one business or product from all the others. But beyond that, branding is your company’s personality. It’s your color scheme, your witty slogan, your customer service, and your employee uniforms. So what is a brand, really? It’s the collection of characteristics that attract and convince people to buy your product over the same exact thing sold by another company.

All the different category markets are extremely competitive. A computer is a computer, right? But you know there are two major operating system companies that duke it out for your attention. No matter which laptop you buy, you’re going to have to choose between the sleek, intellectual brand and the down-to-earth, approachable one. What’s more: you can’t make one single purchase without incorporating information you learned from marketing and advertising.

You knew which computer brands I was referring to because you’ve been exposed to their effective branding. And when I mentioned them, did you automatically have a preference for one and distaste for the other? Then you might be brand loyal. Brand loyalty means consistently choosing one brand over another because you like how the company looks, speaks to you, makes you feel, and makes you appear when you use/wear/eat/drink/drive their product.

DIY Branding

So how are you branding yourself? If you’re trying to start or have recently started your own business, it’s a good idea to immediately draft a brand positioning statement. This statement characterizes, clarifies, and conveys through concrete terms what your company does and how they do it. A good structure to base your statement on is: [Business Name] is a [Kind of Product or Service] for [Kind of People] who have [These Characteristics and/or Needs].

Deciding who you want to (and who you think will) buy your product and services should be the first step in your business plan. How you reach them is the second. Your product and company can be high-end and high-priced, or you can be low-cost and valuable through customer service. You can have energizing, exciting graphics and colors or a calming and modern scheme.

If you’re a business person or even just interested in consumer marketplace science, you already know how important things like online visibility and advertising are. But branding is one of those components that is often an afterthought or sometimes even not addressed at all. Being able to accurately and effectively brand yourself and your product is an absolutely necessary aspect of creating a successful empire.

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