Warp Speed Website Creation Special *Full Service*

Everything you need to have a high-quality professional website up and running before the new year. Get onto our calendar now — the offer will be closed 12/31/2012.

We stand 110% behind the work that we do. See our guarantee policy & feel certain you're making a worthwhile investment.

Website Creation Service


What We Do For You

Retail Value

Domain Bundle

Research, select, and register your new domain name.  Picking the right domain for your business can be a struggle. Market Taffy makes it easy by finding a domain name that fits your business, gets the most monthly searches, and is related to your business. Plus, we’ll register it in your name — it's your property, after all. $97.00

A Year Of Hosting

Do you know how to use online hosting? Know how and would rather not deal with the hassle and added expense? We’ll set up your website on our reliable web hosting platform for a full year. $127.00

5 Page Website Design & Setup

Includes 5 e-mail addresses.

Stunning Web 2.0 properties. Includes home page, about page, services page, contact page, and one page of your choice. $997.00

Mobile Website

We’ll create a highly optimized mobile version of your website that’s accessible from any smart phone and any tablet. Now customers will be able to come to you from anywhere, anytime. $397.00

Professional Copy & Content Writing

All web copy will be written by our professional in-house copywriters who typically charge $999.00 per website. Most website designers leave the writing out, while it’s the most important part of your website. $999.00

Logo Creation

Gorgeous professional logo design to be used for Web and print. $297.00

Blog Creation

A properly setup blog is one of the most crucial necessities to rocketing your website to the first page of Google. We’ll create a professional, easy-to-use blog. $497.00

SEO Optimization

Your website will be optimized so that it gets found in Google and other search engines quickly. $497.00

Total Retail Value: $3,908.00

Our Holiday Special Price: $999.00

Invest now and save 75%. 




(Expires 12/31/12)

Social Media Hyper Blast *Full Service*

Facebook, Twitter, Google+… It's all so much to do. Let us bring you fans and customers while you grow your business. (Offer expires: 12/31/12)

Social Media Management


What We Do For You

Retail Value


We’ll create a dynamic and professional Facebook page for your business. It will include professional images, a variety of interactive sections, and clear calls to action — leading prospects to your website. $497.00


There are over 140 million potential customers waiting to connect with you on Twitter. We’ll set up a professional Twitter account for your business, including all necessary graphics, so you can connect with soon-to-be fans quicker than ever. $297.00


If you don’t have a personal LinkedIn page, we’ll set one up for you. If you already have one, our copywriters will go through and optimize it to ensure your business is being properly promoted. A world class LinkedIn page can build the connections and partnerships  you’ll need with rapid growth. $997.00

Custom Posts & Templates

To help you get started, our professional copywriters will also create custom Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media posts on your behalf. We will also provide you with post templates so future posts are fill-in-the-blank easy. These ensure your social media efforts are a huge hit. $597.00

YouTube Setup

Video marketing is one of the most powerful forms of branding and advertising one the web. Becoming viral can be no accident and this is the first step, a YouTube page that's built for turning fans into customers. $297.00

Custom Video Creation

We'll create a custom, HD, beautifully designed branding video for your business, with a professional voiceover. Our clients consistent beg us for this service, and we're adding it here in true holiday spirit. $997.00

Total Retail Value: $3,682.00

Our Holiday Special Price: $999.00

Invest now and save 73%. 


(Expires 12/31/12)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Power Package

The fastest way to get traffic is to buy it. Don't risk losing your shirt in wolrd of paid online advertising. Let us get you off the ground profitably. (Offer Expires: 12/31/12).

PPC Advertising


What We Do For You

Retail Value

Thorough Analysis & Consultation

First, we’ll discuss your specific advertising objectives. Next, we’ll perform in-depth research in order to determine your target market, where to find them, and how to usher them to your doorstep. Then, we’ll create and deliver to you a comprehensive paid advertising strategy, which we'll then immediately implement for you. $599.00

Setup All Campaigns

We’ll set up your advertising campaigns for you, write all ad copy and produce all creatives, ensuring that each ad is optimized to bring you a highly cost effective ROI. $599.00

Total Retail Value: $1,198.00

Our Holiday Special Price: $699.00

Invest now and save 43%.

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Market Research Holiday Special

Comprehensive and in-depth market analysis and research for any niche. Get onto our calendar now — the offer will be closed 12/31/2012.

We stand 110% behind the work that we do. See our guarantee policy & feel certain you're making a worthwhile investment.

We run a world-class market research agency that helps businesses to identify resources.



What We Do For You

Background Research

Detailed Reporting on the History, Size, and Structure of Your Market.  Our Market Research Agency will compile the essential details that you need regarding any particular market you're interested in.  We'll give you a historical context, breakdown demographics, and inform you of current regulatory concerns.


Competitive Analysis

Understand the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Competition. The market research that we perform for you will identify the key players in your market.  It will highlight what each competitors largest advantages are, as well as their areas of vulnerability.  This will give you a clear and accurate assessment of market conditions.


Trends and Opportunities

Discover How to Capitalize on a Dynamic Market. The one constant in any market is change.  As you're reading this, disruptive and potentially game-changing shifts are occuring in the industry or market that you're interested in.  Our expert team will identify current trends, and give you the information you need to capitalize on them.



We'll Show You The Direction Forward.  In your report, you'll also get the recommendations of our Fortune 500 Analysts.  They'll help you to identify actionable steps based on current market conditions while developing a sustainable long-term competitive advantage.

Regular Retail Price: $1,999

Our Holiday Special Price: $799.00

Invest now and save 60%.



(Expires 12/31/12)