What Does Prime Real Estate Have to do with Your Online Sales and Marketing?

Selling your products and services exclusively online provides you with some significant competitive advantages. First, because you don’t need a physical storefront, other employees, or even to purchase inventory in advance, your overhead can be extremely low. Second, an inherent benefit in selling through the Internet is that you get to utilize online marketing, which is much more cost effective than traditional media advertising. And third, you can run your business from your sofa, while wearing your favorite Snuggie.

Unfortunately however, promoting your products or services through online sales and marketing also presents some major challenges. The most recent estimates put the number of websites in existence at 759 million, with 103 million of those sites being created in 2013. In other words: your online business is constantly at risk of drowning in an ever-expanding ocean of competition. How will you make sure you rise to the top?

When You Sell Online, the Internet Becomes Your Storefront…

If you don’t have a physical location on Main Street, the Internet becomes your storefront. So what do you want that storefront to look like?  Should it be the beautiful, modern looking glass building in the center of your city – the one people “drive by” and admire? Should it be the one that generates so much buzz from appearance alone, that everyone knows it’s there?

Or, will your storefront be buried away in the “rough” part of town – the seedy area that only gets visited by the less than savory, an area that your ideal customers never visit, and that they never even know exists?

We sure hope you prefer the first option. Which leads us to a follow up question…

How Do You Make Your Website into that Beautiful, Premier Location?

Well, the first thing is having an impeccable website, which is why Market Taffy offers best in class web development. No matter what you sell, we make your website into the Nieman Marcus of online retail. And we do it all on time, on budget, and with your target customer in mind.

But an outstanding website is only the first part of the equation. Going back to our real estate analogy, you have to remember that it’s all about location. In order for customers to be able to find your store, you need to get to the top of the search engine results. You need to be consistently producing significant levels of valuable and branded content that get shared across the web. You need a strong social media presence so that people are constantly talking about your store. And then, you need to optimize your website for load times, visitor flow, and conversions so that your “location” always looks immaculately maintained.

Contact Market Taffy Today and We’ll Create an Online Sales and Marketing Strategy that Puts Your Business at the Center of the Map.