Using Byword for Cross-Platform Content Marketing

– By Stefan Georgi

Yesterday while at the mall, waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping, I began playing around on my iPhone. What I quickly discovered was this awesome app called Byword. It’s essentially a Markdown text editor for your iPhone, yet comes with an impressive array of additional functionality, making it one of the coolest content marketing apps I’ve seen in a long time.

So for those of you who don’t know, Markdown is basically a simplified version of HTML, and it allows you to publish valid html docs without learning the more complex language.

To demonstrate just how cool Byword is, let me give you some context. I’m currently writing this blog from my iPhone while I wait for my plane to start boarding. That’s neat because Atlanta’s airport inexplicably does not offer free WiFi. So while normally I’d have to wait until I got home to publish a blog like this, instead I can do it instantly once I’m finished.

Another reason I’m in love with this app is the aforementioned Markdown language. It’s easy enough for even a total “noob” to use, and yet provides great functionality like:

You can also apparently add images, although I honestly am not completely clear on how that works.

Yet another cool feature of the Byword app is that it syncs with both your iCloud and Dropbox, as well as Evernote. In addition, the content you create can be saved to these locations as either a PDF, or HTML. Plus, you can also email your docs, or print them.

Now finally, let me get to my favorite part about Byword, at least from a marketing perspective. Once you’ve finished your document, this app lets you publish to Blogger, your WordPress blog, and your Tumblr account in a few easy clicks. And from Blogger, you can also share this blog in Google+ in one additional push of a button.

The one downside to this is that you’re not going to want to normally type longer docs, like this one, because your thumb will start to feel like it’s going to fall off. That’s the position I now find myself in, so I’m going to stop. Hopefully however, you have found this review of the Byword mobile App for iPhones to be quite useful.