Laura Catella – Copywriting Guru/Chief Creative Officer

Laura Catella Copywriter Market Taffy

At A Glance:

Laura Catella is a prolific copywriter and online marketing strategist who specializes in the Internet marketing, make money from home, financial, and health & beauty industries. She’s managed marketing efforts for #1 Clickbank products as well as 6 and 7 figure forum launches. Clients seek out Laura for her unique ability to tap into the pressure points of their target markets. She creates super hero personas for her clients, which generate immediate sales while establishing a lifelong brand.

As A Copywriter:

Laura has been hailed by copywriting legend Vin Montello as being “a chick copywriter with balls”. While many female copywriters get pigeonholed into writing material for women, Laura’s voice knows no gender, only the art of persuasion. She creates high converting sales copy in many niches that have a predominately male audience, including foreign exchange trading and seduction. At the same time, she resonates with women around the world with her health and beauty sales copy.

As A Marketing Strategist:

Entrepreneurs who sell products, services, or information online are wise to seek Laura out. She got her start as a marketing strategist at two New York City marketing firms, Direct Agents and KGM LLC, before going independent. At these firms she learned the power of pay-per-click advertising to drive instant, scalable traffic, and the power of e-mail marketing to transform your customer base into your fan base, all while re-tapping them for sales over and over again. She combines her decade of experience in online advertising with a passion for social media marketing to turn ideas and one-off products into full-scale businesses for her happy clients.

As A Human Being:

Laura is a high visual, kinesthetic, big picture thinker. She loves a good massage, no limit Texas hold’em poker session, and reading/writing free verse poetry. She attributes her consistent PPC success to her ability to get big ideas across in 35 words or less, a skill she developed with her Creative Writing minor at Columbia University. She’s also the proud mother of two “gremlins,” her tabby cats Trinket and Bluff.