Your Situation is Unique. Shouldn’t Your Marketing and Advertising Strategies Be Unique As Well?

By taking the products or services you offer locally and placing them online, you instantly increase your company’s reach. Thanks to the Internet it’s now possible to connect with potential customers from across the globe, and you can make sales through your website 24/7. When done right, an online/offline mix is how your business gets BIG. It’s how you expand from a small company to an international powerhouse. And it’s how you end up retired on a distant beach 10 years from now, sipping rum out of a coconut shell, and smugly laughing at the tan lines on all of the “tourists.”

Okay, that last point was partially a joke. You may love working, you may love your business, and you may want to run it until the day you die. But regardless of your goals, the chances are high that if you’ve been successful thus far, it’s because you have a well-defined five, ten, and twenty-year plan.

That’s What Makes Your Online/Offline
Approach So Dangerous.

When local retailers and service providers decide to expand into the world of online marketing, they don’t always realize that effective eCommerce requires a great deal of energy. Just like with any purely online business, your survival now depends on your ability to get in front of potential customers. Yet with hundreds of millions of websites in existence, and fierce competition from the thousands (or millions) of online businesses in your same industry, you risk being invisible.

So How Does Your Business Stand Out
in a Crowd of Millions?

First, you make sure your website is exceptional. Your site is often the first online interaction a prospective customer has with your company, and if it looks like something your 12 year old son made back in 1995, you’re in trouble. Second, you make sure customers can actually find you. That’s accomplished by taking the proper steps to show up at the top of the search engines. It also requires a skillful blend of low-cost online advertising options and organic social engagement to rapidly increase brand awareness. And third, you call Market Taffy.

Our team has more than 40 years of combined online marketing experience. We’ve worked with dozens of clients who are in your exact same situation, and we can help you navigate through this intense period in your business’ growth. And most importantly, because we’ll handle the entire online and sales marketing process for you, Market Taffy can bring sanity back to your life.

Contact Market Taffy Today and We’ll Help You
Increase Your Sales Both Online, and Offline.