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Market Taffy Manages Business Facebook Ads

At Market Taffy, we put your Facebook Business Page to work for you. Our team of professional Facebook marketing experts will create and run high-powered advertising campaigns on behalf of your company, generating more fans, a stronger community, and increased sales. Using a combination of compelling copy, specialized targeting, and proprietary technologies, our firm has been able to consistently achieve what others in marketing claim to be impossible: Laser targeted, authentic, and engaged Facebook likes for $0.01 each (click here to see the proof).

Choose our Facebook Marketing Service and your business will get:

More Likes. Depending on your budget, we can easily bring you 100k or more new fans in one single week.

Higher Engagement. Your new fans won’t just be sitting on their hands. Instead, they’ll be clicking, sharing, and commenting on your posts. This means acquiring more organic fans, and creating content that goes viral.

Stronger Community. We’ll nurture your Facebook fans, driving peer-to-peer interactions that strengthen bonds and friendships. Deeper connections means visitors stay on your page longer.

Increased Sales. Through higher engagement, more traffic, superior content, and trust-enhancing posts, you’re fans will feel confident and passionate about buying the products and services you offer them.

Greater Savings. Through continued optimization, we bring your Facebook advertising costs down dramatically. For example, over the course of 100k likes, getting new fans for $0.20 instead of $0.50 saves you $30,000.

Click to see how much we lowered our client's ad cost in 3 days.

Market Taffy Facebook AdsOkay, So Why is a Facebook Business
Page Even Important?

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a small startup, or a local mom & pop, Facebook can dramatically increase your bottom line. There are over 1.1 billion Facebook users worldwide, and each one spends an average of 20 minutes per visit.  Having a strong Facebook presence is how your company can connect to this ocean of consumers.

With today’s never-ending supply of digital content available, consumers are no longer willing to sit passively while you advertise to them. Instead, you have to go out and connect with your target market, and you must engage them on a deeper level. Viral content, meaningful conversations, and two-way interactive sharing are how the 21st century consumer chooses which products and services to purchase, and which to ignore.

How Market Taffy Explodes Both
Your Facebook Traffic & Your Sales

Market Taffy gets your business likes through direct ad campaigns run on Facebook. We do not “buy” likes for you, we do not use fake accounts, we don’t use any tactics not allowed by Facebook, and we don’t target people who aren’t interested in the products or services you sell. But we do…

Create extremely compelling, “call to action” oriented Facebook ads that make clicking “like” irresistible to the viewer.

Employ advanced targeting strategies to get you not just likes, but also highly interested and engaged fans.

Without giving away the secret sauce here, we can accurately and directly target: Custom Audiences, Partner Categories, Facebook User IDs, Your Competitors' Fans, and more.

Create CPC, CPM, and OCPM ads to maximize your results while keeping costs down.

Help you to drive direct response. This includes setting up opt-in forms directly on your Facebook page and supporting them with email marketing campaigns.

Craft high value content that your Facebook fans actually want to read, and providing daily page posts that are loaded with CTAs.

Continue to optimize your campaign. We constantly tweak and test each ad to ensure that the best ones are getting the most visbility.

We also create control groups, change copy, change images, and do everything possible to keep your cost-per-like down.

Give you the option to drive traffic directly from Facebook to your website, offer, or sales page.

Guarantee to get your cost-per-like below $0.20. Most times we’ll get it below $0.10, and sometimes it will even be $0.01.

Contact Market Taffy Today And Start Seeing
Your Sales Soar While Your Costs Plummet

If you're paying more than $0.20 per new Facebook Fan, you're losing money. Contact Market Taffy today, and let our team of marketing experts help you get more traffic, more engaged fans, and higher conversions. If you don't have a Facebook Business Page yet, we will set one up for you, and optimize it more max lead generation and sales.


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