How To Get People To Buy: Call To Action Examples and Explanations

By Laura Catella – Market Taffy Copywriting Guru
Call To Action DefinitionCall To Action Examples
A “Call To Action” urges your audience to immediately do something, be it click, buy, share, comment, call, et cetera. A call to action is a simple command that’s supported by the rest of your advertisement. After telling your audience why they should purchase, seek more information, or contact you, it is crucial that you directly instruct them to carry out this action. Advertisements without calls to action are considered incomplete and less effective. Just as a door-to-door salesperson is far more likely to make a sale when he asks for it, so will ads convert higher when they include a strong call to action.

Your call to action must also demonstrate value. “Download AwesomeProd now for 65% off,” is one simple example. Instead of only using the “download” command, we give the reader extra motivation by reminding them that AwesomeProd is available for 65% off. If you provide savings, instant access, or outstanding results, any of these can be included in your call to action.
Always Be Calling
Rather than reserving calls to action for when you close prospects, use them at every possible opportunity. In a salesletter, for example, there are a series of potential calls to action you can employ throughout your copy. First, tell your visitors to read the letter, and why they should. If you include graphical elements, like statistics or proof, tell them to examine the graph and what information to take away from it. If you include a video, tell them to click the “Play” button and watch the video. Not only will this increase the attention paid to your advertisement, but it will get the reader in the habit of obeying your commands, climbing up rung after rung of the “Yes” ladder. The more frequently your reader follows your instruction, the more likely they are to purchase your products when told to do so.
A Detailed Call To Action
Calls to action can be as simple as “Buy now,” or “Click here.” Traditionally, the more detailed your call to action, the better your ad will perform. To make a simple call to action like “Buy now” more detailed, explain each step of the buying process. For example:
“Click the button below to download your copy of AwesomeProd. After you click, fill out the order form on our Secure Checkout page and press ‘Submit’. Your download will begin instantly and you’ll be e-mailed a secret access link should you ever need to re-download AwesomeProd.”
This detailed call to action helps the reader understand the steps they will go through in order to purchase your product. As they envision the checkout process, their desire to go through it increases.
Notice that this call to action also describes what will happen immediately after purchase (download begins and secret link gets e-mailed to you). This alleviates any concerns about product access and delivery, which will also boost the impulse to buy.
Here’s another example:Click the ‘play’ button to watch this five minute video. Inside, you’ll discover the three ways to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you, so pay attention.”
Instead of simply saying “watch the video,” we describe the exact physical action that must be taken in order to watch (clicking the play button). We then give a tantalizing reason to watch, and a final call to action, “pay attention”. See how easy it is to always be calling?
More Call To Action Examples
Bear in mind that these call to action examples will work best when infused with details and benefits specific to your product or service:
  • Discover what AwesomeProd can do for you.
  • Take 30% off when you shop now. Ends tonight.
  • What you don’t know may get you sick. Read this tell-all report.
  • Click and access the best deals available online.
  • Try our free demo.
  • Take advantage of your last chance at 20%, 30%, and 60% off.
  • Watch the exclusive video.
  • Get outstanding results with AwesomeProd.
These are the basic ways to employ strong calls to action that boost response and sales of your products and services. The copywriters and marketing consultants at Market Taffy specialize in branding and direct response. For a complimentary analysis of your online marketing efforts, or to discuss your specific needs, email us here.