Cloud 2.0 Definition

Cloud 2.0 And Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Taking Notice

Welcome to Cloud 2.0… Cloud 2.0 is being built upon the infrastructure of today’s cloud and will provide significant opportunities to startups and entrepreneurs. In some ways this revolution will be similar to Web 2.0, which capitalized on the technical advances, standardization and ubiquitous reach of the Internet to create new digital platforms, applications, social networks, and content sharing resources. What’s most exciting is that because Cloud 2.0 is still in its infancy, forward thinking startups and entrepreneurs that embrace…

A good Scarcity Mentality Definition

A Good Scarcity Mentality Definition (With Examples)

The Scarcity Mentality & Why it’s Such a Bad Thing The Scarcity Mentality can be defined as the belief that everything is limited, and thus it is better to be selfish then generous. It’s a cynical term by nature and as author Stephen F. Covey says, it’s based around the idea that there’s not enough of the pie to go around. Or to be even more specific, the belief that if you have a pie and give someone a big…

ThemeFuse Review

ThemeFuse Review – Textbook Scarcity Mentality

Stefan Georgi from Market Taffy, LLC provides a ThemeFuse Review in this video. Far from being one of those glowing, b.s. filled reviews where the author just tries to sell you on it and then provide affiliate link, this is real. Stefan covers why ThemeFuse turns him off so incredibly, and why believes they are an excellent case study in a “scarcity mentality,” a poor mindset that will ultimately hurt their sales. You probably won’t see many other ThemeFuse Reviews…


New To Blogging? Don’t Make These Mistakes

So you’ve been hearing a lot about blogging and you’ve decided to jump in and test the waters. Here are some tips of what to do and what not to do when setting up your blog using WordPress. I am writing this post about WordPress because it is far and away the most popular and user friendly CMS or Content Management System, available. But there are a few things you need to know before you get started. Choose Between…


How To Write A Sales Letter Lead

This simple yet powerful sales copy tip can dramatically amplify your sales letters’ effectiveness.


Two Local Web Design Experts From Pensacola Discuss Local SEO

Stefan Georgi and Gregg Hall of Market Taffy, a full service Web Development and Marketing Company in Pensacola, Florida discuss what your business needs to do to dominate local search. You’ll find out about the importance of Google Places, as well as why reaching customers on mobile is CRUCIAL to your success. You’ll also understand why first page search engine rankings are so important. Market Taffy has numerous national and international clients, however we are local and love working with…

What is SEO

What is SEO? Two Marketers Discuss

What is SEO, how does it work, and why is it important? In this video, Stefan Georgi and Gregg Hall from Market Taffy discuss their experiences with SEO, and give you all of the answers you’ve been searching for. We’ll be providing a link to our website, as well as to a great authority site called MOZ here – where you can get more resources about search engine optimization, and how you can use it for your business. It’s our…

SPAM email

When Spam Emails Go TOO Far!

When spam emails go too far, in this case by trying to tell me that someone in my family has died. There’s a special place in hell for people like this – and I hope they get there fast. What’s particularly disgusting about this email, which I share in the video above, is the fact that it prays on people’s deepest emotions. Yes, weight loss emails, or XXX emails are annoying, but they still don’t cross that other line. Just…

Stefan Georgi

Stefan Georgi – Putting My Name Back Atop Google

For the last several years I have felt mildly bothered by the fact that there is a different Stefan Georgi who occupies the first few search results for my name. It’s no offense to the guy, who seems like a pretty cool dude – but I want those first few positions. This video uses Google Hangouts in an attempt to rank higher – a method promoted by Ryan McKinney in an extension called “Hangout DareDevil.” It’s interesting to the note…

New Definition of Consumer

the Definition of Consumer Has Changed

The New Definition of “Consumer” A profound yet often overlooked transformation is occurring in regards to how companies view the consumer. In the past, a business operated with the objective of getting the public to consume their product or service. Today, successful companies are operating with the objective of getting the public to consume their BRAND. That might sound subtle, but it’s actually an incredible distinction. Brand consumption today means the devouring of massive amounts of content – from videos…