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 You know ad copy is important. The connection customers have with your brand influences their purchase decision more than anything. Saying the right things is paramount, but advertising is how you get your name out there in the first place. Outside of your controlled in-store or online environment, ads are often the first impression your company makes on potential customers. If you’re thinking of advertising through any channel—online, print, mobile, mail, or radio, employing great ad copy should be your first priority. An expert ad writer like those at Market Taffy can be your key to effective consumer reach.

In the 1970s, the average city dweller was exposed to anywhere from 500 to 2,000 paid messages a day. Today that number is closer to 5,000. Are your business’s ads standing out among the high concentration of clutter and competition? If at this point you’re thinking, “I really need someone to write my ads,” you’re on the right track. Hardly any business owner has the time to devote to producing the standard of ad copy that will get you noticed. 

How Ad Copy Affects Your Bottom Line

Ad CopyThe experienced copywriters at Market Taffy can take your firm’s message and turn it into something customers will not only read, but recall—an important step that translates your ad into an actual sale. Our writers will take into account any market research you've conducted, a personalized approach, and the ideal tone when crafting your ad copy to ensure your utmost value and return.

If you think any headline thrown on top of a magazine page or stuffed into an Internet banner will get your potential client’s attention, think again. Good headlines and body copy stand out in a market full of noise, while bad writing is ignored at best, and sometimes even placed in the spotlight of “what not to do” by customers and competition alike.

Ads are obviously a huge factor in drawing people to your brand, but how should you speak to your potential viewers? Media channels such as those listed below are proven effective and expertly utilized by the ad writers at Market Taffy:

The Most Effective Media Channels For Advertising Copy

Print: Magazines, newspapers, even flyers can be crafted to get the attention of the otherwise casual reader.

Outdoor: Travelers spend an average of 2.8 hours in their car or alternatively commuting each week. When they’re stuck in traffic staring out the window, will your headline stick in their minds?

Airwaves: Radio is not a dead medium. Commuting has a huge impact on radio stations’ listenership. A great script can make a listener tune in instead of turn down your message.

Direct Mail: By far the most cost effective way to reach exactly the customers who are looking for your product or service. Postcards, short and long-form sales letters, whatever you need to mail, Market Taffy can help you say what you mean.

Online/ Digital: The days of flashing “click here” banners are gone. With a quality side bar ad or other digital implementation, you can target the right people at the right time.

Mobile: Don’t ignore the influence of advertising in the growing market of mobile devices. If you take the time to carefully construct content, your readers will look longer instead of immediately tapping elsewhere.

Market Taffy provides excellent ad copy services for entrepreneurs whose time is committed to dozens of other obligations. You shouldn’t be expected to craft clever headlines in addition to balancing the books, acquiring new markets, and satisfying current customers.

All it takes is a quick inquiry to Market Taffy to see why our pricing, personal involvement, and dedication to your bottom line set us apart from our competition. Get an online quote today and see just how compelling your ad copy can be!

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